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9 Star Ki Astrology

9 Star Ki Astrology is an ancient form of astrology that is interrelated with the practice of I Ching. This Japanese form of astrology combines the symbolism of the I Ching with the Lo Shu magic square. This division of Japanese astrology initiated over a thousand years ago.

It is known that in Japanese astrology Ki is associated with the word “energy.” The 9 Star Ki Astrology reading consists of your 9 Star Ki Numbers, your Birth or Natal Chart, your 9 Star Ki Element. Additionally, you’ll get a comprehensive analysis and predictions that you can use to help guide you in relationships. Consult it regularly for best results. This program is free so there’s no excuse not to use it daily.

Find Out What's Your 9 Star Ki Astrology is

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In the 9 Star Ki Astrology analyses, you’ll find a daily horoscope, 9 Star Ki Number, Natal (Birth) Chart, Element and messages regarding personal relationships or current events. The 9 Star Ki Astrology principles are founded on the notions surrounding the Feng Shui Magic Square or the Lo Shu. Normally, the 9 Star Astrology reading calls for a Principal Number, Energetic Number and a Character Number to be used in its report. Respectfully, these numbers reflect your inner self, the “first impression” persona, and who you are under pressure.

The Principle number is what tells us about what kind of person you will be or have become - the good, bad, and the changeable. The Energy Number describes what kind of perception you give people when they meet you for the first time. The Character Number is given as a reflection of your childhood and any patterns that may have developed since then.

Overall, a 9 Star Ki reading describes a person’s attitude and their possible response to different circumstances. Get your reading today. It will help you or any of your loved ones to make necessary changes to be a better and happier person.


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