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African Astrology

The existence of African astrology can be sketched back to ancient Africa where it began to develop its customs. It is suggested that the Africans were responsible for giving meaning to the stars and planets. They conceived names for the planets and thus, the beginning of the African zodiac was formed. Of course, African astrology is not like Western astrology. However, there is a similarity in that it links the movement of individuals with the planets and stars and there are twelve African zodiac signs.

African Zodiac Signs

Find Out What Your African Astrology Sign Is

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The twelve zodiac signs of African astrology are the Ancestor, the Family, the Travelers, the Judge, the Kola Nut, Small services to the Neighborhood, the child of the World, the Wealth of Amber and Silver, the Market, the Distance, the Baobab Tree and the Harvest in the Granary.

Its beliefs are focused on a person’s strong suits and flaws. It’s geared toward improving a person’s life and helping one to understand it as a means to getting to a higher plane. This may mean having a new and open mind and perspective. It would be interesting to get an African Astrology reading. It is usually an involved interpretation of your personal African sign based on their culture.

In our African astrology reading, you will get your corresponding element, body parts, lucky day, prosperous months but mostly, it describes your features and personality. A person born between the 4th of February and the 5th of March is said to be born under the Wealth of Amber and Silver. You are likely to have an active lifestyle and you could be impulsive.

In African Astrology a person will use figures comprised of bones. These bones are scattered and are put together to form a story… three stories, in fact, and are interpreted. Get your African zodiac sign today! This is totally free to use. It is informative but easy to read and understand. Have fun and enjoy your analysis.


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