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Aztec Astrology

Aztec Astrology is a form of astrology that utilizes a 260-day Aztec calendar. You may know it as Tonalpohualli. It divides the time between the opposing forces of the gods or goddesses. The opposing forces give a certain quality to the calendar days. There are approximately 20 Aztec Zodiac Signs that are governed by a particular god or goddess. Now, these gods or goddesses denote the personalities and characteristics of the person who is born on a certain day or under a specific zodiac sign.

This reading is fairly easy to get. The results are formatted and designed for the average reader so, it's easy as pie to comprehend. It's free of charge and since it's online, you can access it at any time. You can be sure of the results as it is based solely on the information you share with us. And not to worry, we won't share your information with anyone. Get your analysis today. Won't it be fun and interesting to find out your Aztec sign and god or goddess name and personality traits? It may explain the way you do things... naturally and in a godly way.

Find Out What's Your Aztec Astrology is

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Aztec Astrology Signs

Cimi, Tochtli, Malinalli, Cib, Ollin, Cauac, Ehecatl, Coatl are just a few of the names of the Aztec Astrology Signs. Different, huh? They are a part of the Mesoamerican system that is really independent of other astrology principles. The Aztec Horoscope is based on a 13-day cycle as well as the 20-day signs. Your Aztec Astrology reading will consist of your Aztec Day Number, your keywords used to describe you, your personality analysis or interpretation and your typical characteristics. Additionally, you get the name of your Aztec god or goddess and the English name of your day sign.

The analysis is easy to get. Just enter in the requested information and hit the submit tab. In just a few moments, you should be able to view a comprehensive report based on your date of birth. Thanks for stopping by and Good luck to you!


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