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Balinese Astrology

Would you like to know your Bali Astrology sign or your Balinese sign? A Bali Astrology reading or a Balinese Astrology analysis would reveal several different aspects of your personality along with many other aspects of your life. A Balinese Astrology reading can provide you with the Bintang symbols that are used in this method of astrology. In addition, you will also get the Aspect of Bhuta Ulu.

Have you ever heard of the Pawukon calendar? Neither had I until now but the Pawukon Calendar has been used forever and still is popular in Bali. Yes, Bali... the beautiful island in Indonesia. Bali Astrology originated there and provides its calculations on the Pawukon Calendar. Because of this, Balinese Astrology is thought to have special meaning and significance.

Find Out What's Your Balinese Astrology is

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The Pawukon Calendar

The Pawukon Calendar was introduced sometime in the 14th century. This calendar has 210 days. It's unique in that Bali Astrology is that it is based on a calendar that has at least ten different weeks that are active at the same time. In other words, a week could consist of 10 days while others could last only one day. Furthermore, there are 35 Bali Zodiac signs or astrological signs that display individual characteristics.

Get your Balinese Astrology reading today. It is an interesting astrology method that can be used more than once. It's free to use and it very simple to get. All you have to do is enter the requested information, hit the submit bar and wait just a few moments and you're able to view your personal online Balinese Astrology analysis. Good luck and enjoy your read!


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