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Bibliomancy is also known as “Bible Divination” but this is not necessarily true. It is also known by other names such as Libromancy or Stichomancy. Bibliomancy serves as a guide that provides a person with a phrase or quote that gives hope in solving an immediate issue or some problem that may be persistent in your life. The phrase generally comes directly from different religions.

Bibliomancy refers to books that are used in divination because the phrases are normally from the Holy scared books consisting of the different religions. These phrases are designed to help you achieve your goals and guide you on the right path so that you will be successful in life.

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The phrases come from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, I Ching and Hinduism principles. Of course, the quotes are chosen to be of help to those seeking relief and resolution.

Somebody may be wondering if they will get married or not. Another person may be seeking his or her purpose in life. You may be considering having a baby or changing careers. Consulting the Bibliomancy about your concerns or situations could be one of the best decisions you make today.

Tell us about your circumstances in the space provided and select your religious preference. After you have done this, click on the tab to get the results of your reading. This process will not take long and the results of your reading are in a clear and comprehensive format.

The results provide the user with a phrase or quote from the chosen religious text which should help you find answers to your problems.

Bibliomancy is free to use and you may use it as many times as you like. If at all possible, use the bibliomancy divination tool when you are settled down and there is less noise as possible. Try to keep your question as straightforward as possible to eliminate any confusion. Enjoy your reading and take care of yourself.


It seems to be a mystery as the actual meaning of the Mayan Astrology signs seems to be vague. The symbols are based on Mayan culture and are used to make predictions. However, when it comes to the signs, you may get a few different associations.

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Some of the oldest forms of prediction include the use of oracles. This mystic practice was invented no doubt to look into the future or to brings certain situations into focus. Among the many divination methods, the Plum Blossom Oracle has come to be most popular. It is unique in that it finds the luckiest direction for a person.

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The Astrology Coworker Compatibility reading is based on Western Astrology and on the specific sun signs. Coworker Astrology gives you a hand in the workplace.

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The Australian zodiac is wonderful to use if you want to find out about someone’s personality traits or yours even. The astrological program is based on a person’s date of birth and it will explain to you all the details about that person’s positive and negative behavior and mannerisms.

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If you haven’t heard about a Kumalak reading before, it is a method of prediction that is actually based on a Persian form of Geomancy. Kumalak is an effective divination tool that uses the placement of coffee beans or pebbles on the Kumalak chart or grid. The Kumalak chart provides the user with a description of the various elements of nature and the parts of your body and the relationship between them.

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Iranian Astrology is different as it gives insight into the future and discusses your past. It is similar to other astrology systems as it uses the person’s date of birth to calculate predictions, personality traits and more.

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