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Black Moon

We can't always be as pure as we would like to be. Some say we all have a dark side. The Lilith or the Black Moon denotes the side of you that is dark. Your mentality, nature, or character traits are described in the Black Moon analysis. All of your negative traits or blemishes are likely to be revealed in this reading. Because of this feature, the Black Moon reading can be extremely beneficial to you or to your mate.

The position of the Black Moon in your Natal Chart shows your potential in different areas of your life. We all have tendencies and capabilities that we may not be aware of or some of them may be hidden or suppressed. The Lilith is responsible for giving you details of these influences according to its astrology principles. It takes approximately nine years for the Black Moon to complete one circle. It moves at a pace of only 40 degrees each year.

Find Out What's Your Black Moon Lilith Astrology is

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Your Black Moon sign depends on your Lilith position at the time of birth. We all have one have a particular sign that we are associated with and its interpretation should describe specific traits and behaviors. The analysis will describe our dark side and gives us an understanding of how we come up with some of the strange things we think about. It can also help you deal with those thoughts as well.

This is probably one of the more significant readings available for free. The results are pretty accurate. You should receive your report moments after inputting your information and clicking on the tab key to submit your request. We want you to be the best you possible so get your reading today.


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