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Burmese Astrology

Burmese Astrology or otherwise known as Myanmar astrology is an old practice of the people of Burma. It continues to be relevant and is, of course, based on a person’s date of birth. Additionally, it uses the days of the week as a link to its particular zodiac sign.

The Burmese Astrology online reading will give you a broad explanation of your personal sign as revealed by the Burmese soothsaying philosophies, your planetary ruler and your lucky direction. The thing that is odd or different about Burmese Astrology is that Wednesday is counted twice… once in the a.m. and then again in the p.m. therefore there are eight zodiac signs in total. The Burmese zodiac signs also use corresponding eight cardinal points such as north, northwest, northeast, south, southeast, southwest, east, and west.

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Burmese Astrology Principles

According to the principles of Burmese Astrology, the zodiac signs, Dragon, Garuda, Guinea Pig, Tuskless, Tiger, Elephant, Rat, and the Lion are associated with the days of the week. We do not know why these particular animals were chosen but it was believed that animals were mirrors to the heavens.

The animal signs are examples of an individual’s character or nature. You can get your reading right here right now. Our program is simple to use and the result is quickly calculated so you don’t have to wait 24 hours for a response. Just enter the requested information and you’re off! After you press the tab to get your reading, it should appear momentarily. It’s almost like magic is so fast. And it’s easy to read and understand.

Just finding out a person’s characteristics will help an individual understand the inner workings of another. Thus, this will enable this individual to make some self-improvements. It is not uncommon for people to know right off their personal birth signs as it can be used as a tool to gain insight into a person’s individuality and behavior traits and patterns.


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