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Celtic Ogham Oracle

The Celtic Ogham Oracle is a curious divination method but it is simple to use. The Oracle is faced with the responsibility to make predictions. Generally, you would ask a question and the Oracle will provide you helpful answers. The principle is based on using the Celtic Tree Signs as divine symbols exclusively used for forecasting an individual’s present and future situations, events or circumstances.

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The Celtic Tree Signs or otherwise known as the Druid Zodiac is an old or ancient philosophy. Ogham, a runic alphabet, paved the way for Celtic Astrology or Druid Zodiac. It is not like other astrology principles such as Egyptian Astrology or Western Astrology. It involves using thirteen zodiac signs instead of twelve. Its name came from the Celt’s projection of a tree imagining it to be the universe.

This particular tree has supernatural properties to which specific Moon phases are associated. The Ash, Birch, the Alder and Elder, the Ivy, the Hazel, the Hawthorn, the Oak, the Willow, the Rowan, the Holly, the Vine, and the Reed make up the thirteen zodiac sign for the Celtic Astrology method.

It is of Celtic Astrology that a personality is formed by the various inspirations of this mystical tree and that it is relative to each of the moon phases. Find out which tree impacts your life. Get your Celtic Ogham Oracle reading today!


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