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Chakra Astrology

Chakra Astrology can be described as a relationship or the union of astrology and chakras. Because it is a part of astrology, it will use your date of birth to make its computations and describe which chakras are you most influenced by. If you didn't know, there are 7 chakras.

Symbolism Of Chakras

Chakras are the stimulus that surrounds your spinal cord and it is how we feel both mentally and physically. To name them so you can relate to them, they are the root or base, the sacral, the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and the crown. Most of us know that when our backs are out of whack, things can be painful or disturbing. It's not any different when our chakras are misaligned.

Find Out What's Your Chakras Astrology is

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Not to worry though. You can get back in tune. One way is to understand the language, and how to use the prescribed treatment to adjust your chakras. There is a way to do this for free. Just enter your name and date of birth where requested and you should be provided with a report to help you.

I can't tell you enough how important this is to your overall health and happiness. It doesn't take long at all to get this report. It should give you what you need in a report that is easy to understand. You don't have to go to a doctor or call in the experts. Everything you need is right here.

Use your star sign to get the position of the sun when you were born. The sun denotes what your character will be most like and the nature of your personality. In general, it will describe how you deal with things. The free online report will give you all the information you need to study the chakras and to become aware of what influences you.

This will help not only you but your friends and your family, too. After your chakras adjustment, you may feel like a new person. So go ahead and get the report so you can have the life you wanted. Thanks for stopping by and take care of yourself!


If I told you that you were influenced by your telephone number, would you believe me? Well, the concept of numerology is based on just that principle. It says that we are influenced by all numerical associations and on different objects. Telephone Numerology gives you the numbers to live by.

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Well did you know that even when we are sleeping, you can tell a lot about a person? You can! Certain sleep positions reveal a person’s deepest thoughts or an individual’s state of mind. Get your free Sleeping Position Personality Test right here! Learn more about your lover’s characteristics while he or she is sleeping.

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Australian Astrology Animal Totem is an animal totem program that can be used on a day-to-day period. This will guide you to find solutions for your problems and help you attain your goals.

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How happy and prosperous the residents of a house or an apartment would be is much influenced by the number the house bears. There are also a number of other factors that are associated with the house

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A Coffee Cup reading is a divination tool similar to Tasseography or Tea Leaf Reading but it is done with coffee grounds instead of tea leaves. It has proved to be an effective way to predict the future with accuracy and precision. Based on the art of reading coffee grounds, it is actually used by many to predict fame and fortune.

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The Chinese believed that one should be able to face his or her fears and have a better attitude toward an individual’s journey with the right numbers. The numbers are founded on the principles of Lo Shu Grid or the Magic Square.

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