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Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Gender prediction has long been an obsession especially for couples expecting their first child. Having the insight into a baby’s gender is life-changing as it allows a couple or mother to plan accordingly. Taking the guesswork out of what colors to choose or which outfit is right for the baby.

Are you expecting and would like to know the sex of your child? You’ve come to the right place to find out. We have the best Chinese Pregnancy Calendar analysis available online. This test helps the mother to plan her pregnancy based on whether or not she’s having a little man or a little lady. You’ll need the date of conception and the mother’s date of birth to accurately predict the gender, however.

Find Out What's Your Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is

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The Chinese calendar dates back to the 14th century BC when the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It, additionally, was used to denote the date of the moon phases and the time of the solar year. Moon phases are initiated on revolving principles or the path and positions of the Sun and the Moon. The very theory of astrology is in the meticulous hands of the formula and location of the planets, stars and asteroids.

This is a great game to play at the baby shower. It’s truly meant for entertainment purposes but you may be amazed at its accuracy. There are variations and stipulations to getting more accurate results. Take note of a mother’s age as you may need to adjust the calendar so it will add 9 months to the real age. Remember, the gender is estimated based on a mother’s time of conception and not her birthday.

Do you know someone who is having a baby? Share this with them! Getting answers couldn’t be faster and you can’t beat the cost. It’s free! So try the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar reading today!


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