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Chinese Zodiac [{year}]

Do you know what your animal sign is? Are you a Rat or perhaps a Tiger? The [{year}] Chinese zodiac signs calculator will find out for you. This is a free program that will name and describe to you your specific animal sign. To get these signs which are based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar just enter your name and date of birth where requested and the results will be generated for you within seconds.

The Chinese Zodiac Calendar

The Chinese calendar uses a sixty-year cycle to make its associations. A particular animal and element indicate each of these years. It’s made up of five elements and twelve animals. As seen in Western astrology, the different animals are connected to different dates and times of the year therefore a particular animal sign is assigned to a particular time frame. The chosen animal of the year rules the personality of the person who was born in that specific year. Find out if you are a Goat, Horse, Dog, Ox, Pig, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Rat, Rooster, or Rabbit.Invalid Token. Please authorize yourself by sending Valid API Token

Once a Chinese Zodiac [{year}] reading is completed, you will be able to lay your eyes on a detailed report and interpretation of the animal associated with your date of birth and sign. Accordingly, you will receive your gemstone name, element, energy, lucky colors and so much more. All of this in reading for free! Complete one for a friend or for your partner. Find out what his or her characteristics are so that any changes that need to be made can be now that they are realized. Yes… the Chinese Astrology report will reveal those negative traits as well. We want you to live a good life – one that is positive and overflowing. These tools are only good if you use them, so start your journey today!

Get a free Chinese Zodiac [{year}] analysis done now! Get started by entering your name and date of birth. The results are generally delivered super-fast in an easy design formatted for the common reader like you and me.


The Mediterranean Oracle helps with present situations or those which are potentially hazardous to your future. The oracle’s interpretation is truly an amazing report that is free of charge. It is straight to the point and will let you know the outcome of any concerns.

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If the statement is true, “We are what we eat,” then Fruit Astrology will give you the familiar details about a person. It will give you the particulars of their likes and dislikes, and information that can really guide you in the right direction especially if you are contemplating making a decision.

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I Ching is based on the idea of change or that nothing stays the same. After getting a reading, you should know more about relationships and opposites that attract one another. This can best be done by exemplifying Yin and Yang. Yang may represent what is quick-witted, full of zipping and extensive in form while Yin is just the opposite. Yin is more undeveloped, changing and diminishing in form.

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Japanese Kanji is of Chinese origin and has had many favorable results. People use the Kanji stones to predict the future and resolve their day to day difficulties.

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Biblical Astrology is founded on the basis of a relationship between the scriptures and astrological signs. With this analysis or reading, a person can find out his or her Biblical sign and specific characteristics of a person.

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The Angelscope is used to find your angel of the day. It’s like getting your horoscope each day. Countless numbers people use many mediums of forecasting their future works and Angelscope should be included as an indispensable tool.

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