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Color Astrology

While life is not always a bed of roses, it certainly is colorful. As the seasons change, you may see different shades of green, red and orange. To me, fall is an exceptional time of the year as well as spring when it all comes back to life more vibrant than before. It’s not possible to be in awe of some of the colors that you may see on a day-to-day basis.

Did you know that even blind people have visions and they “see” colors? Yes, while it’s just really in their minds or imagination, colors are still a part of their lives. Even the night time can be colorful if you look at the moon and stars. Ever watch the sunset and illuminate reds and orange skies? Beautiful, isn’t it? Christmas time is perhaps the most colorful time of the year. What I’m saying is that it’s impossible to miss color… period.

Find Out What's Your Color Astrology is

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But the question is… are you aware of your color choices? You may have subconsciously chosen shades that coordinate with each other like your house and your car or in the way you put together an outfit. I know it may surprise you to find out that colors have an impact on your personality.

A bright and colorful outfit may uplift you on a dull and dreary day. On the other hand, a grey suit may leave you feeling down and out. Colors affect our character and our nature. You should know what your lucky color is. You are likely to see positive changes in life.

Would you like to get a reading? Our program is accurate and is very easy to understand. It doesn't take long to get it either. You won't have to fill out a two-page questionnaire. Mainly, you're asked your date of birth and name. Know what colors to wear when you need positive results.

Wearing your lucky colors could mean that you get the raise you want or sell your very first house. Try it today... try it for free. Tell your friends and neighbors about it. Have fun with it and take care of yourself!


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