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Cornerstone Number

A cornerstone Number is a number that is associated with the first letter of a person's name. If your name begins with an A, then it is likely you are a natural-born leader. It means that this person is confident and is likely to plan life rather than living from day today.

The Cornerstone Number and the Cornerstone Letter are equally significant to Numerology and to you as an individual. These letters and numbers reveal personalities, characteristics and natural abilities. The reading will discuss certain aspects of a person's life that deals with his or her views on the physical and unbodied worlds.

Find Out What's Your Cornerstone Number is

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According to the Cornerstone Number principles, a person's attitude gives a significant impression of his or her character and that the first letter in a name has a lot to do with this. How a person sees the world could be different from that of another person so, no two people are the same.

The Cornerstone letter sheds some light on how you perhaps handle your stresses or challenges. There are some people who adopt or change to meet their surroundings. Getting the Cornerstone Number reading will reveal your strengths and well as your weaknesses.

If your initial letter is F, the reading would show that you are composed, organized, and you are probably the peacemakers. Your friends and family love you. You take the time to listen and to lift up those who are down.

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