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Cusp Astrology

Do you find yourself checking out other people and guessing or attempting to guess their zodiac sign? So do I! I am embarrassed to find out that I'm dead wrong but on the other hand, I'm sometimes right as well. What I've found out is that some people have dual zodiacal personalities. Yes... that's right!

They are a combination of two sun signs. You say, "How can that be possible?" Well, some of us are born on a cusp. That means that their birthdate falls under a window of time or on the cut off line that could affect a person's character traits in many ways. So, the next time you're off base, ask yourself, "Is this person born on a cusp?"

Find Out What's Your Cusp Astrology is

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With the Cusp Astrology reading, you will have the opportunity to take another look at the variations in personalities. Because of the birth date, one can only acquire both elements of the zodiac sign such as a Virgo being born during the first days of Libra. With this duality, it can be difficult to predict certain things.

So it is suggested that you or anyone born on the cusp take this test. It's fun... it is free! It won't take long either. So enter your name and date of birth to get your personal reading.


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