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The Cyclomancy Wheel or the Number Wheel is used as a form of divination or prediction. Cyclomancy comes from the Latin word “Cyclomantia”. It typically helps a person solve their problems. It entails a revolving wheel that is separated into ten like parts with a pointer pinned to the wheel.

To use it, you should first ask a question and then turn or rotate the wheel. When the wheel stops, it will stop on a number. Now, each number has its own meaning and will serve as a recommendation in resolving your problem or problems. (You may use this tool more than once.)

Find Out What's Your Cyclomancy is

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For many centuries now, people have been practicing fortune-telling or predicting the future for others. Some look for spiritual guidance when trying to find answers to their worries. It is not uncommon for anyone to use the service of a psychic to get real answers to real problems.

The Cyclomancy Wheel predicts what in store for you in the future so you can have peace of mind and regain your confidence back. Having peace of mind is priceless to most of us.

The Cyclomancy Wheel is completely free to use. It only takes a minute to get the results and they are straightforward answers that are accurate and precise. To get your personal and online reading, simply enter your name and date of birth. Press the key to get your forecast and you’re done. All you have to do now is wait to be redirected to view your analysis.

After reviewing the results, please share this site with anyone who you think may benefit from it whether it is your neighbor, family or close friends. We all could use a helping hand from time to time. A second or third opinion is certainly helping when trying to resolve some troubling issues.


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