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Daily I Ching or Hexagram

The Hexagram or the Daily I Ching is a daily prediction tool to help you solve your everyday issues. It makes predictions for a specific day and gives insight into the future to help you have a more fruitful life. The Daily I Ching should be used every day. Outside of a daily horoscope, have you tried any of the daily prediction tools? You should try this one. A Daily I Ching or Hexagram reading will give you the most creative interpretation of a person’s characteristics. Uncommon to most astrology methods, this one uses the coin toss.

Your personal reading gives us to assess hexagrams, trigrams and changing lines and images. You should take advantage of this free offer. The Book of Changes will help you improve your life as well.

Find Out What's Your Daily I Ching is

If you are new to MysticScripts.Net then the 1st Report will be sent to your email. If email is not in your inbox please check spam box and white list our email. We do this to stop bots and spam. We fully comply with GDPR and take your privacy seriously. We will not sell or share your data to anyone.
All further Report(s) will be displayed directly on this website without any future verification.

The Daily I Ching or Hexagram reading is free of charge. No need for a credit report or a credit card. This reading is private and available whenever you are. You should get the details regarding compatibility, numerology and the tarot cards by using the I Ching calculations. With the Daily I Ching analysis, you should also get a free tarot reading.

There are many fortune-telling principles available to you. Please free to look around and chose the best one for you. Share them with your friends and family. There are all extremely easy to use and the results are not complicated. In fact, they are designed for the average reader.

The I Ching Hexagram is based on the principle of change. Additionally, it can be compared to the Yin and Yang theology as it relates to opposites. They are both needed to create a balance within one’s life and relationships. So, go ahead… check it out. Make the improvements you need in order to better your wellbeing and those that you love.


Eris Astrology is based on the placement of the asteroid Eris in your natal chart and gives you an inside look into your zodiac sign and describes how "strife, quarrels and discord" are associated with your personality.

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The Orcus Astrology reading allows a person to have a clear understanding of these basic tendencies and tells you why it is happening. It will find your personal Orcus Astrology sign and give you the specific characteristics to go along with it based on the Orcus Astrology principles.

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The Lo Shu is an incredible and accurate Feng Shui method used to help analyze your destiny. It takes into account the five Chinese Elements of Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Fire.

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During the middle ages, the people of Northern Europe, the British Isles and the Scandinavians used certain alphabetic scripts which, these days are popularly known as Runes. There is no documented ev

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Romance Astrology defines romance as it relates to you and your partner and his or her astrology profile. Romance Astrology helps in the way that it will let you know the nature of your partner’s romantic likes and dislikes when it comes to love.

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The Pet Numerology analysis predicts an animal’s characteristics. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cat or a dog or a mouse. Whatever pet you have, there’s a number that can be representative of its temperament. Additionally, it gives way to some important information about your pet’s name.

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