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Egyptian Astrology Compatibility

Based on Egyptian Astrology a person’s behavior, authority and potential are influenced by a ruling god or goddess. The sign that you were born under, the Egyptian’s believe, has great importance as to how we live our lives. This analysis is free to use. The Egyptian Astrology Compatibility matches you with another sign based on the Egyptian beliefs and principles.

Egyptian Astrology: Gods And Goddesses

From the very beginning, the people of Egypt were interested in the stars. In fact, they were taken with the thought of the gods and goddess having a particular value when it came to astrology. They have assigned each month a ruling sign as in most astrology methods however, the Egyptians use the names of gods and goddesses. Look for names such as Geb, Isis and even Mut to be a part of your signage. More so, Amon-Ra, Horus, Osiris, Set, Thoth, Anubis, Bastet and the Nile are among those ruling gods or goddesses.

Find Out What's Your Egyptian Astrology Compatibility is

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They all have different meanings and influence our lives in a variety of ways. It is believed that life, personality, character and financial concerns are directly related to our zodiac or god/goddess sign. All aspects of our lives are said to be in the hands of these authorities.

As found in Vedic or Western astrology, Egyptian Astrology is a popular and ancient branch of astrology. In connection with the stars, the Egyptians believed that the stars would denote certain divisions and each section was linked to three of the stars therefore, you have the month, day and associated god or goddess.

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