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Egyptian Astrology

The stars held the Egyptian’s interest as it was fascinating to them. They were most interested in the gods and goddesses. In Egyptian Astrology the twelve god or goddesses were used to symbolize the zodiac signs. Names such as Geb, Horus and Mut were used to describe someone seeking an interpretation of Egyptian Astrology.

Egyptian Astrology Gods And Signs

Along with many other forms of astrology, Egyptian Astrology is one of the earliest methods used. They believed the gods would help us to understand ourselves better since they also thought that the gods had some influence over humans.

Find Out What's Your Egyptian Astrology is

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Amon-Ra, Bastet, Osiris, Set and Isis hold particular interest as some of the twelve gods/goddesses. When it comes to our success and fortune, the Nile, Thoth, Anubis, and Sekhmet are important elements in Egyptian Astrology.

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It is said that a person’s life, personality and fortune are all influenced by the ruling god of the sun under which an individual was born under. The god or goddess denotes the character of the person that it is attached to. How we behave and even what skills we have been given unto the powers of the gods/goddesses.

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