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Zodiac Energy

The Zodiac Energy Sign describes a person’s characteristics based on the placement of Vesta in your birth chart. Vesta is an asteroid that describes our sexual appetite or sex drive. Additionally, it provides insight into the areas in which we need to focus on to make better or attitudes that we should put away.

It gives us clarity so that we don’t feel strained or confused and we are able to handle what comes our way. In other words, it gives us the tools so that we can be ready for the world!

Find Out What's Your Energy Sign is

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Understanding someone’s carnal characteristics will help you to better know or deal with that person. Zodiac Energy is based on the placement of Vesta in an individual’s birth chart. You can get a better understanding of yourself when you know their sun sign, moon sign, and their energy sign.

At the same time, it also helps you to understand yourself better. What a deal! The Zodiac Energy calculator is free to use. You can use it any time of the day or night and as many times as you’d like.

Some astrologists believe that the planets and some asteroids are said to be responsible for some of the different features of our personality. You see, in mythology, Vesta was said to have similar qualities as the Roman goddess Hestia or the Virgin Goddess.

Hestia was considered to be the Keeper of the Fire or the Hearth in any home. This sign is said to have great leadership ability, the strength of character, vitality and sexuality. In addition, this sign’s position is ready and willing to put up the opposition for a better way of life.

In today’s society, understanding people and what makes them tick can be of great use for many situations. Wouldn’t you like to know about your mate’s sexual qualities and habits? The Zodiac Energy Sign will help you learn about their sexuality in the privacy of your own home. This is a lot of fun so tell your friends about it.


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