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Eye Color Inheritance

Eye color has certainly been the topic of discussion for many years. Why is my eye color different from my parents? Why did my brother get the blue eyes and I have brown eyes? The facts are that the genetic inheritance of the eye color may differ from one child to the next or from parent to child.

The Eye Color Inheritance analysis is for the child. When we are born, we may appear to have a certain eye color but as we get older, the color seems to change or to darken.Invalid Token. Please authorize yourself by sending Valid API Token

We typically have blue eyes, light blue eyes, blue-green eyes, hazel eyes, brown eyes, light brown eyes and black eyes. The color is mainly determined by genetic inheritance or by a polygenic inheritance pattern which is defined by the co-dominate factor alleles.

There are six of these alleles’. The more alleles you have, the chances of your eye color being dark are greater and of course, if you don’t have many, your eye color will be lighter.

This program is designed mainly for entertainment purposes only. The colors of any one person’s eyes are dependent on their mother and father and their eye color. It is passed on to the child as an inheritance or process known as the Mendelian Inheritance rules.

If you want to try your luck, then enter your name and the eye color of your parents. After that is done, click on the tab to get your specific eye color. Your eye color will be revealed in seconds! This is free to use and there is no penalty for using it more than once.

This is a fun idea when all of your friends are together especially at a party or a baby shower. It can provide hours of online amusement. Thank you for stopping by to visit. We hope you enjoy the program.


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