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Fortune Cookie

You don’t have to wait until the next time you visit a Chinese restaurant to open a fortune cookie. You can do it anytime for you like with the Fortune Cookie calculator. Bust it open now! All you have to do is enter your name and date of birth to view your own personal fortune cookie reading.

A fortune cookie is a hollow treat that is usually filled with a piece of paper inside it. It contains your forecast for the day, month or year or it will contain a fortune cookie quote of the day along with your lucky numbers.Invalid Token. Please authorize yourself by sending Valid API Token

Fortune Cookie: Origin

The origin of the fortune cookie is not completely known but it is thought to be a form of divination that derived from China. The contemporary version of the fortune cookie came from old Chinese principles. In China, it started out as a game… a royal game that was played by royal family members only.

It involved using cookies that were twisted and they were offered to anyone that was playing. There were pieces of paper stuck in them with a title or subject written on it. You had to speak on the subject by providing a quote or “saying” on that particular topic.

Who knew then it would become as popular as it has been and I suspect it will remain prevalent for years to come. I know I look forward to my cookie even if I don’t eat it… I have to look inside!

This has got to be one of the simplest programs to use in Chinese Astrology. It is a lot of fun… something that can be enjoyed by the whole family and like the royal family, you, too, can make a game out of it.

Make it a learning experience for the kids and yourself as well. You could go on for hours entertaining your guest with this free program. Try it today!


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