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Gematria Numerology

Gematria Numerology is the study of the relationship and numbers and certain traits belonging to an individual’s personality. Perhaps this method could be compared to an occult practice but it brings together different parts of a person’s persona and enables you to understand your inner self.

To get this report, all you would need is a name and a birth date. Then the calculator does all the work. It will assign each letter into a number. This is what’s called Gematria Numerology.

Find Out What's Your Gematria Numerology is

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The analysis is used to determine the numerical value of words. This system is the Hebrew version for obtaining the equivalent letter, words, or phrases. Your name will determine your planet, elemental direction, primary and secondary colors. In addition, you’ll receive your lucky letters associated with your name. The behavior types are a result of the assigned planets.

All of the words that have the same numerical value share the same qualities but still reveal other divine aspects. This is unlike the other numerology readings. You see, these numbers are not reduced to a single digit and the relationship between words can be gathered by familiar numeric principles. Each alphabetic letter is connected to a particular number.

To summarize what happens in the Gematria Numerology Reading, the birth name and the birth date are both used in each of the calculations thus each letter is turned into a number. This free reading will give you several reports linking your name and birthday to a primary and secondary color, your lucky letters, your elemental direction and more.

If you like the numerology analysis, please share it with your friends. It might be fun to compare results with one another. It will definitely help you gain a better understanding of what divine qualities you may have. Go ahead… give it a go.


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