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Greek Oracle

The Greek word oracle has meanings. It could mean a god who can make predictions about the future. One Greek God by the name of Apollo was said to have these mystical attributes. It could also signify a message or a priest who bears the message. In ancient times, some believed that the Greeks could talk to the gods under certain conditions and only through certain people. The gods were said to have given advice to rulers and kings especially during times of battle. They thought the gods could foresee the future.

The Greek Oracle is a report that will calculate a Greek alphabet based reading for your daily life and events. It is designed to help you find the answers to particular questions and help you achieve your goals. The first Greek Oracle was initiated in Olympus. However, the divine influence of the Greek alphabet is not as prevalent as other astrology programs.

Find Out What's Your Greek Oracle is

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The Greek Letters

Rather than twenty-six letters in the alphabet, there are twenty-four letters in the Greek Oracle. They each have their own authority and it is comparable to the ancient Chinese Oracle or the I Ching. You may want to use the Greek Oracle to gain strength and self-discipline. What the reading does is give you a letter from the Greek alphabet which you should use to empower your life.

There is one thing that is different about this reading and that you must be of sober and clear mind to use this. Concentration is of the utmost importance here. So before you begin, make sure you are in a quiet room and are free from distraction so please leave your phone in another room.

The Greek Oracle is free to use. It doesn’t take long to get your personal online reading… in under ten minutes. Just type in the requested information and you should be able to view your reading on this same page. Enjoy your reading and take care!


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