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Guardian Angel

Do you believe in angels? There are certainly some incidents in which some people have experienced being touched by an angel. They believe that they are indeed angels watching over us. Someone protects us daily from evil but we typically don’t know their names.

Would you like to find out your guardian angel’s name? Take this test then. It will tell you who your angel is. When we talk to children, we commonly refer to angels as fairy godmothers.Invalid Token. Please authorize yourself by sending Valid API Token

The personal guardian spirit has some influence on the way we live our lives. A guardian angel test will disclose a person’s characteristics and behavior patterns. Enter in the inquirer’s name and date of birth to find out what your angel’s name is.

Angel is actually a Greek word. In its original form, the word “Angelos”, means messenger. We were assigned a “keeper” or “bodyguard”. The Catholic Church believes firmly in the angels. Angels such as Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Barbiel, and Hanael are said to help us think good thoughts, speak positive words and keep us from doing evil.

The Guardian Angel test is extremely helpful and it can be fun for the person using it. There’s not much to the application and the result is pretty rapid. Won’t you try the Guardian Angel test today? Know who your guardian angel really is so that you can start calling his or her name. There is also a Daily Angel Reading that is available to you. It works on the same principle and is also free of charge.

As you have your results, you should share this with your friends. They may find this and other readings enjoyable as well. Consider the Angel Numerology reading. It is another valuable tool to have along with this analysis. Say “hello” to your Guardian Angel and thank your personal angel for protecting you. Angels are no different, we all need to know we are appreciated.


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