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Health Astrology

Not many of us realize that certain zodiac signs are actually related to our organs and to our physical and mental well-being. The position of the planets plays an important role in the study of Health Astrology. It would seem that since you were born with a particular zodiac sign, you are likely to have some problems specifically designated as a dental issue or a medical complaint.

Who would have thought that there was a form of astrology that would put healthiness on its list of predictions? How does being born in a certain month and day dictate what illnesses a person may have? It is suggested that each of the planets rule over certain parts of our body and that our health conditions can be traced by the stars.

Find Out What Your Health Astrology Reading Is

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Believe it or not, this has been going on for some time now. Frankly, the discovery of how the human body and astrology actually work together to track potential ailments is ancient history. As with most parts of astrology, you will have your disbelievers and this is no different than any other topic on the stars.

Health Ideology

Health Astrology is founded on the idea that one’s healthiness can be analyzed by studying the movements of the astrological signs. Indicators are the placement of the planets. This provides for us a Natal Chart. As one of the aspects of a Health Astrology Reading, you will find out what throws us off balance and what’s affecting us on a daily basis. Additionally, with this heads-up, you will know how to troubleshoot a certain problem and maintain it.

This free reading uses the four major elements in its analysis – fire, earth, water and air. You may even find advice or recommendations regarding your diet. The report will describe the zodiac sign’s constitutional make-up and possible concerns. Just put in your name and date of birth and let the Health Astrologer do all the work.


The principles of Palmistry Ascendant are based on the impact of the ascendant or on a particular individual and its relevance is revealed in a person’s hand or palm.

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The Cosmic Love Compatibility analysis is a reading that will match you with the best possible mate for you. The Cosmic Love Compatibility analysis will provide you the answers you need to sustain a long term relationship.

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The Descendent symbolizes the kinds of associations you have with people meaning what tickles your fancy or what gets your heart to beating fast... it describes your passions.

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The Travel Astrology reports that each of us is different. One person may like the smell of salt air and the open sea; the other may prefer a train or plane ride. Everyone will have their likes and dislikes. You’ll find that some zodiac signs are romantics and would prefer to go to Paris while others will want to bash in the island’s sunrays and partake in a mouthwatering beverage.

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Music Therapy is used in hospitals more now than ever before in order to help people relax and remain calm in emergency situations. Years ago, it was not even a consideration for acceptance. However, the people have proven the “naysayers” to be very wrong and it is growing in large numbers. Get the Music Therapy report so that you can gain control of your blood pressure and keep a safe and constant level.

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