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Home Astrology

Home Astrology or more commonly, Homestrology, deals with the exact relationship of the home interior décor. As with other astrology readings, this one is, too, based on our zodiac signs. Together with your sense of style, the Homestrology analysis will bring together your ideas and makeover your home totally designed just for you. It gives you advice on color coordination, on the type or style of furniture you should buy and the right accents.

With the Home Astrology Reading, you can do your own home improvements for less than anyone can do them. What’s more, is that this reading is FREE. Yes… I said free. Making your living spaces your own has never been easier. The calculator will produce tips and guidelines to make those necessary changes to start improving your way of life. It’s just that detailed, my friend. Finding the right plant and placement can make a world of a difference in how your home “feels.”

Find Out What's Your Homestrology Reading

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Take advantage of this free offer and get a reading today… do it right now. The profile is based on your star sign and birthday so it’s customized to fit only you. Before long, you will be doing home make-overs for your friends and perhaps take it on as a paid hobby. Just enter the person’s name and date of birth to get started. It’s that simple.


The Cosmic Love Compatibility analysis is a reading that will match you with the best possible mate for you. The Cosmic Love Compatibility analysis will provide you the answers you need to sustain a long term relationship.

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The Minor Expression Number is most often regarded as just an expression number however it is an important number to the principles of Numerology. The importance of your Minor Expression Number is that it ascertains that the various characteristics of your personal and professional life are attributed to you and to you only.

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A person's Destiny Number can say a lot about an individual. It could perhaps describe a person's dreams or what his or her full potential is. Wouldn't you love to know your purpose in life? Gosh... how great that would be. You could really take life by the bullhorns then.

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Love Astrology [{year}] is an analysis that will help you with your relationships. You could be on your way to having the love life you so dream about using the Love Calculator.

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Good Luck Symbol Oracle generates a good luck symbol for your everyday. They are supposed to be your belief and perception in keeping away evil and attaining happiness. Luck is something everyone beli

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The Karmic Lessons Number is considered to be a crucial feature in numerology. To get this particular number, it will need to be generated from a person's full name. You see, the alphabetic letter is broken down so it can be interpreted as a number. It is from that one determines the Karmic Lessons Number.

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