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I Ching

Have you tried using the I Ching or Yi Jing to get a reading before? I Ching uses the traditions set forth in the classic Chinese Book of Changes to calculating an accurate report for you. The reading includes forecasts in the form of changing lines and images, hexagrams, and trigrams. Typically, this is an alternative method of fortune-telling that is done by the tossing of the coins. Take advantage of the online Book of Changes to get the life you deserve.

Get your FREE online reading today! You will receive a detailed analysis with meanings. You will learn more about astrology, compatibility, numerology, and the tarot by using any of the I Ching calculators. These tools are available for your use any time of the day or night. It’s private and convenient to have at your disposal to answer any of your questions. Check it out today!Invalid Token. Please authorize yourself by sending Valid API Token

You may want information on compatibility. We have the right program for you and it is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is provide us with some answers to a few questions such as your name and date of birth and of course, we will need your partner’s information as well. You don’t have to match like-minded traits with a spouse; it could be a brother or neighbor.

The I Ching Hexagram

The I Ching Hexagram is the idea of change but mostly can be compared to the Yin and Yang principles in its relationship to opposites. Yang relates to all that is creative, dynamic and extensive while Yin is open, changing and diminishing in form. However, both are needed to create a balance in relationships.

The Tarot is certainly popular. When it comes to solving personal issues, this is the one method that most people prefer to use. I Ching has several other divination tools for you to choose from. Try one, try them all. These are free online analyses. There’s never any obligation to you for using I Ching. Tell your friends about your favorite I Ching program.


Nadir Astrology (Imum Coeli) is a unique astrology method that puts you in touch with your inner self. It focuses on a person's positive traits and brings the best out of you.

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We must understand some things to get to the root of the problem. Communication requires transparency either with friends, family or business associates. Solving problems and getting the answers to most solutions are easier than ever before with the Runes Reading and analysis.

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Your Personal Year Number is so important especially when it comes to the study of Numerology. It discloses so many parts of an individual's personality. It puts into plain words a person's nature or natural abilities and even what the future may hold for him or her.

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Did you know that even blind people have visions and they “see” colors? Yes, while it’s just really in their minds or imagination, colors are still a part of their lives. Even the night time can be colorful if you look at the moon and stars.

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The Good Luck Symbol Oracle is a tool that will provide you with the Good Luck Symbol on a daily basis. There are several different good luck symbols that relate specifically to a person’s psyche.

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I think everyone has a vowel in their name but did you know that it has meaning? The first vowel in a name has significant influences. Would you like to know the meaning of the first vowel in your name or that of your loved one? First Vowel Numerology is another exciting program from the world of Numerology.

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