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I Ching Astrology

The I Ching system of divination has been recognized for its accuracy and philosophy. It supports the idea of change. I Ching Astrology is fundamentally I Ching meaning that is based on the belief that everything that happens is because of the influence of the stars and the elements.

These stars have a direct effect on everyone and their problems. The properties may be specific but the over-all influence is the same on people. In I Ching Astrology, each cycle repeats after a nine-year period. Once you know how this affects you, you can better understand the significance of the situations, circumstances and events.Invalid Token. Please authorize yourself by sending Valid API Token

The I Ching Calculations

The I Ching Astrology calculates your Energy Cycle Charts based on I Ching Astrology. The birth year is otherwise known as the Base Year. The rest of the years in the nine-year cycle are described as being the Heaven Year, Mountain Year, Water Year, Lake Year, Fire Year, Earth Year Wind Year and the Thunder Year. When you get your reading, you should be better prepared and have an understanding of how to deal with present circumstances.

This particular philosophy uses the Yin Yang theory of opposites that in that it relates to change and activity. For harmony, both Yin and Yang should be balanced. Because of the repeating action of the nine-year cycle, at the end of one cycle begins the next phase. But once you grasp the meaning of the different cycles, it will be easy for you to see their significance.

The I Ching beliefs are ancient but have continued to provide us with the truth. Use this to help you prosper in more ways than one. This reading is free but not as fast as our other online readings. It may take a few minutes to generate as it is especially detailed and designed for you. You can certainly use it more than once but be sure to invite your friends and family to use it as well.


Almost everyone knows the twelve signs of the zodiac. In case you are new to astrology, let us explain. There's Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Pisces, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius. Each of those zodiac signs has a ruling planet. They are ruled by the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. By connecting the two, astrologists have come up with particular behavior patterns.

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The Mayan Animal Signs are usually associated with your specific date of birth. Each of the animal signs is affiliated with your personality and characteristics.

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Perfume Astrology helps you pick the one based on your birthday or on your partner’s birthday. Please consider using this test before your next scented purchase.

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Cartomancy is a form of divination with playing cards. Playing cards have been used for fortune telling for ages and have remained popular ever since. They are believed to be one of the unique methods

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The Feng Shui Lucky Car Color Analysis will help you pick a car color that will attract happiness and prosperity to you. Normally, the principles of Feng Shui are used in designing the home but they are similar and both very significant.

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Dreams are the visions of our subconscious. Sometimes they are very much in color and detail. You may not know it but a lot of activity goes on in a dream. We can do things in our dreams we aren’t even capable of.

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