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I Ching Tarot

I Ching Tarot Reading is a generated report that is based on your name and date of birth. It’s a simple but accurate tool that should combine you tarot reading with its corresponding I Ching hexagram. I Ching Tarot report gives in detail the different characteristics associated with the tarot cards and the I Ching hexagram findings.

I Ching Tarot Ideology

I Ching is based on the idea of change or that nothing stays the same. After getting a reading, you should know more about relationships and opposites that attract one another. This can best be done by exemplifying Yin and Yang. Yang may represent what is quick-witted, full of zipping and extensive in form while Yin is just the opposite. Yin is more undeveloped, changing and diminishing in form.

Find Out What's Your Iching Tarot is

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Tarot reading has been around for a long time and is steadily growing in popularity. People consult it to help with issues surrounding their personal and business lives. Mostly used in readings is the Rider-Waite Deck of Tarot card. It consists of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 cards belonging to the Minor Arcana.

A Tarot reading is comprised of a particular spread or arrangement of symbolic cards. Some of the popular spreads used in Tarot Reading include the One Card Spread, Two Card Spread, Three Card Spread, Line Spread, the Celtic Cross Spread, and the Seven Card Chakra spread. Some use an alternative meaning of the card if it is reversed as opposed to being upright.

The I Ching Tarot is completely free. The online program can be used more than one time. Use it as often as you like. It only takes a few minutes of your time to get accurate I Ching Tarot reading. Tell your friends about it. Use the program to help solve any problems that you may have or get to the root of it all.


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