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Indonesian Astrology

As the ancient civilization of Indonesia believed that the WETON CYCLE gets repeated every 35 days, they formed the Indonesian Astrology. It continues to be popular today. The Javanese Horoscope for an individual seeking this form of astrology will be determined by using the Five Day Pasaran and the Western Seven Day week cycle. This generates the 34 different astrological results of the person’s WETON.

The Javanese

Find Out What's Your Indonesian Astrology is

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The Javanese system uses a week based on five days that they call Pasaran. The word Pasaran comes from the root word Pasar meaning market. The Javanese inhabitants would go to the local markets and there they would gather among themselves to meet friends and other sellers, sell and buy fresh meat, produce and even cooked foods. The length of the week or cycle was suggested as it acknowledges the number of fingers we have on one hand. Then the farmers could organize their visits accordingly. Most of us work a five day work week now.

The Indonesian astrology belief is that birthdays are celebrated every 35 days and that the WETON unveils everything about their past, present and their future. Additionally, the light will be shed on a person’s characteristics. The horoscope is based on the user’s date of birth as well as the zodiac sign. Find out how a particular day fits into a 35-day cycle. The Five Day Pasaran are Legi, Pahing, Pon, Wage and Kliwon. The Western calendar uses names such as Sunday, Monday, so forth and so on.

To get an Indonesian Astrology reading or a detailed interpretation of your WETON, all you have to do is type in the requested information, hit the tab key to submit your application and within a few moments, you will be able to view your online reading. This reading is free of charge and so simple to use, you will be amazed at the actual results.


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The Orcus Astrology reading allows a person to have a clear understanding of these basic tendencies and tells you why it is happening. It will find your personal Orcus Astrology sign and give you the specific characteristics to go along with it based on the Orcus Astrology principles.

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Planet Numerology gives you an analysis of the planet's influence and the exact positions at the time of your birth. In addition to the Planet Numerology Reading, you will receive a Planet Numerology interpretation. It uses your Natal Chart to figure its intentions.

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