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Iranian Astrology

The actual motive behind astrology is to bring together the external forces and humankind to foster a level passage through a reflection and reinvention of ourselves enabling us to reach our destinies. Although astrology is a scientific and systematic method of prediction, it is also through a higher power that we find our own unique qualities. We can, with divination tools, forecast the future and then empower ourselves and lead a better and more fulfilling life. Some of the time, we are better at knowing what lies ahead and what our potentials are for success.

Iranian Astrology is different as it gives insight into the future and discusses your past. It is similar to other astrology systems as it uses the person’s date of birth to calculate predictions, personality traits and more. With the free Iranian Astrology analysis, you will be able to recognize certain characteristics and personality types. Additionally, you will get an online brief interpretation of your compatible zodiac signs.

Find Out What's Your Iranian Astrology is

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Iranian Astrology Signs

This system has twelve signs and they are given assigned months just like Western Astrology. However, Iranian Astrology associates each month with a god and a season. The names of the months are derived from the Zoroastrian religious texts. Just so you know the names of the twelve signs, they are Aban, Azar, Bahman, Dey, Esfand, Farvardin, Khordad, Mehr, Mordad, Ordibehesht, Shahrivar and Tir.

Meet your Iranian personality by getting your free online Iranian Astrology Sign reading. Do this today, please. It’s fun and can provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends. Find out if you are capable of moving mountains.

You will be a better friend and lover with helpful tips and a guide to choosing the perfect companion. Also, you will have information that explains the astrological modeling of our personalities, the similarities in Iranian astrology and Western Astrology and some pretty cool facts about yourself as well. Enjoy your Iranian Astrology reading!


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