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Ixion Astrology

If you are interested in astrology at all, then you already know that there are many programs or methods to choose from or to use. Their popularity may vary depending on their region or origin. It would probably take a person a long time to learn all of them or to familiarize yourself with them. Some are simple and direct... others can get complicated. The Ixion Astrology system is probably one of the more complicated methods and it is unique.

The Ixion Astrology principles tend to view your mind as an instrument and provides you with enough information to stimulate it. Basically, it will change the way you look at things, gives you a general idea of a person's potential and attitude or personality. Ixions Astrology places you with your personal astrological sign and interprets your characteristics based on those influences.

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The Ixion Astrology reading gives you an explanation of the feelings you go through when transitioning. To find out what it says, get the Ixion Astrology reading. It's really simple. Just enter in the requested information, click on the submit tab and in just under a few moments, you will be able to view your online report.

I didn't mention that this is free to use. You may share this with your friends and family if you want to. You all can have your sign interpreted along with your loved ones.


Chakra is the wheel that controls the flow of energy that radiates through our bodies. It is extremely important that all of the Chakras are active and balanced. This is the most desired state but Chakras can either be too active or not active enough.

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If done right, reading moles can tell you a lot about a person…their character, and their personality. More so, it also can predict what kind of future this person would likely have.

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The placement of Sedna in your birth chart along with the Sun and the Moon signs gives you the opportunity to understand an individual's inner workings. It's not your common astrology method but it is very effective in understanding what influences your temperament and perhaps, your values.

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Your Celtic animal sign uses your date of birth to determine your personal animal birth sign. Each animal belonging to the Celtic zodiac is recognized as having various features and personality traits or characteristics which are revealed in your individuality.

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Cartomancy is a form of divination with playing cards. Playing cards have been used for fortune telling for ages and have remained popular ever since. They are believed to be one of the unique methods

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The Life Path Period Number discloses much about a person's life or his or her personality during different phases or periods of it.

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