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Japanese Astrology Compatibility

Japanese Astrology Compatibility is an appraisal of one’s personality and features based on a person’s blood type! Furukawa Takeji studied and refined this method as he believed that people acted a certain way and that way could be associated with an individual’s blood type. The Japanese Astrology Compatibility analysis is a blood type based test used to measure the level of compatibility of people.

This method of predicting a person’s behavioral traits and their potential to get along with each other is highly thought of and practiced in Japan.

Find Out What's Your Japanese Astrology Compatibility is

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This Japanese method of personality matching is as widespread as any other personality testing used by professionals and privately in the world.

Japanese Astrology: Blood Group

Furukawa Takeji made this style popular after much research and supporting evidence. Takeji proposed that how people carried themselves could be connected with their blood type group. This notion has swayed people to take note and they have done so in many ways, professionally and personally. You see, each blood group indicates definite individualities.

People belonging to a particular blood group may respond well to others of another type or they may not. Find out which ones are compatible with the Japanese Astrology Compatibility analysis.

Furukawa grouped individuals based on the following four basic blood groups:

Type A: Japanese Name = the Farmer

Type AB: Japanese Name = the Humanist

Type B: Japanese Name = the Hunter

Type O: Japanese Name = the Warrior

If you would like to take the test, just type in your name, sex and of course, your blood type. It’s short, sweet and simple. This analysis could cost you hundreds of dollars but you can get this reading for free! Feel at ease to use it as many times as you would like. You get the results in a matter of moments so there is no waiting by your email, scrolling through your junk mail to find your results. Do it today!


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