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Japanese Astrology [{year}]

Japanese Astrology [{year}] is a personality evaluation based on a person’s blood type! Furukawa Takeji believed that people behaved a certain way and that way could be associated with an individual’s blood type. This technique of discovering character traits is very common and has been practiced in Japan for centuries now.

Furukawa completed many studies over time and developed this intense methodology. Credit should be given to Furukawa for bringing this to the forefront as the popular matching system. Oh yeah, people use this like they do the daily horoscope. Professionals are known to inquire and use Furukawa’s personality matching analysis to hire long term and successful individuals.

Find Out What's Your Japanese Astrology is

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While most other systems are based on a person’s date of birth, this one uses a person’s blood type. Getting this reading will enable you to know more about you or someone else’s level of compatibility and their characteristics based on this Japanese Astrology principle.

Furukawa grouped individuals based on four basic blood groups. If you have type A, then your Japanese classification would be under the Farmer. A person having type AB would own the title of being the Humanist. The type B personality is called the Hunter and a type O persona is known as the Warrior.

Each of the groups has a symbolic meaning and will give clarification to certain characteristics. It has long been the way of the world to divide people into groups. This Japanese system is suitable for those wishing to achieve great success and fortune personally and professionally.

To take the test, just enter your name, sex and blood type. It is just that simple. This service could cost hundreds of dollars but you can get your reading for free! No matter how many times you use it, it still will cost you nothing. Build your dynasty based on the Japanese Astrology for [{year}]. Good luck to you all!


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