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Japanese Kanji

The Kanji stones have been in existence for a long time now. Mainly they are used as a kind of divination tool for fortune-telling by the people of Japan. It is an oracle based program that uses the Japanese Kanji Alphabet which forms the basis for the Japanese language.

Japanese Kanji: Meaning And Origin

Japanese Kanji is of Chinese origin and has had many favorable results. People use the Kanji stones to predict the future and resolve their day to day difficulties. There are many characters but some of the most popular ones used in this method are as follows -

Find Out What's Your Japanese Kanji is

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Actor - Haiyuu

Apology - Shazai

Athlete - Undouka

Bad Influence - Akueikyou

Congratulations- Kotobuki

Danger - Kiken

Deer - Shika

Disgrace - Chijoku

Japanese Kanji has provided many hours of educational entertainment as it is an interesting tool. The program is intended to predict a person’s daily fortune or an answer to a current issue. Japanese Kanji is free and the best part is that you will be able to read it in less than the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee. So over that cup of coffee, the Japanese Kanji will help you solve almost any problem that you may have and give you inspiration and hope to help other people solve their problems as well.

The word kanji is Japanese and it is similar to the Chinese word hanzi which is in reference to the Han Dynasty. You see, when Japan adopted the Chinese characters into their writing method, they also had to “borrow” their words. So now, the Japanese vocabulary is part Chinese!

The Kanji symbols or character symbols express ideas and the symbols are rapidly becoming ever more popular as people are using them in logos and design work for jewelry and tattoos. Get your analysis done today. It is of no charge to you and it is something that you may want to share with your friends. Try it today. Have fun with your reading!


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