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Japanese Zodiac Sign

What is your Japanese Zodiac Sign? The Japanese Zodiac Calculator will determine your Japanese sign naturally using your date of birth. The Japanese zodiac is commonly known to use animal signs which are based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Currently, many temples and shrines are using lunar dates for major festivals and events. However, the lunar calendar is not used by everyone. The solar calendar is another popular choice.

This analysis will provide you with detailed explanations of the signs with which you are associated with according to Chinese Astrology. However, this program will only calculate answers to birthdates. Try getting your Japanese Zodiac sign now. It’s free! You get rapid results, too.

Find Out What's Your Japanese Zodiac is

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Japanese Symbols

Like the Western version of the zodiac principles, there are twelve Japanese animal symbols or signs. Uma or the days of the Horse, Ushi for those born in December, Saru, Tatsu, Hebi the Snake… Nezumi or the Rat, Hitsuji, Tori, Tora or the days of the Tiger, Usagi, Inu & Inoshishi are derived at using a person’s date of birth.

The Japanese Zodiac is a report that includes your gemstone, element, lucky colors, your positive and negative attitudes or personality traits, your personal months and seasons, energy, ruling planet and compatibility analysis with other signs. You get all of this for free! The online reading is virtually in your hands. Get your personal Japanese Zodiac Sign today. Tell your friends to get theirs, too.

Have you found yourself in a position to help people but they need to come to terms with their morals and wicked ways to rectify their negative qualities? With this information, they can lead brighter, happier and richer lives.

You can, too, so what are you waiting for? Type in the required answers and hit the tab. Within a few moments, you will be able to enjoy this easy to read the online report.


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