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Kabbalah Runes

The Kabbalah Runes is a Jewish form of divination. It’s proven to be extremely accurate and true. A precise guideline is set and followed that is based on your date of birth. Using your sun sign, it encompasses the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the matching tarot card and Runestone into the calculation. It also provides the user with his or her personal and lucky colors and days.

More so, you will have access to your ruling planet, element and the user’s position in the Tree of Life. These things influence your personality and will help you to progress in life.

Find Out What's Your Kabbalah Runes is

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The Tree of Life is joined by the authority over your zodiac sign or sun sign. There are two sephiroth's that make this connection to the twelve paths of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Each of the twelve paths is associated with a rune stone and a specific tarot card. Your reading is full of details and reports.

You will get the corresponding element, your position in the tree, your ruling planet, your lucky days and so much more. You will get all you need to reinvent yourself. It describes an individual’s personality traits, good and bad.

Runestones are normally used for fortune-telling. Runestones are one-inch squares of light stone. There are twenty-four of these etched stones. On one side is the name of a runic letter. In the British Isles and the Scandinavians, certain alphabetical inscriptions or runes were used as a form of divination.

As of today, no one really knows when this practiced started but it is a popular form of prediction much like the tarot cards. You should get a Kabbalah Runes reading. It’s free of charge and is an online tool that is extremely valuable. Enter in your information and shortly thereafter, you should get a reading that is easy to understand and enjoyable to read.


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