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If you haven’t heard about a Kumalak reading before, it is a method of prediction that is actually based on a Persian form of Geomancy. Kumalak is an effective divination tool that uses the placement of coffee beans or pebbles on the Kumalak chart or grid. The Kumalak chart provides the user with a description of the various elements of nature and the parts of your body and the relationship between them.

The Kumalak reading predicts and interprets the immediate future. Its main focus is on wealth and riches, however. The Kumalak or Qumalaq is a prehistoric form of prophecy which was created in Arabia or Persia. It has swept into the rest of Europe as an effective tool. It is extremely prevalent in these parts of the world and Kumalak is also used as a recreational and popular board game.

Find Out What's Your Kumalak is

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The Kumalak uses 41 beans which are kept in a bag and then placed in a fixed manner in different squares of the Kumalak grid. The grid is a 9x9 matrix with each of the squares relating to a specific body part. The number of beans in each square also has a significant meaning.

The Kumalak grid signifies the horseman of Kazakhstan. The first row of beans denotes the past, the middle row represents the present and the bottom, obviously, suggests the future. Each of the squares as mentioned before related to a particular body part.

In order to get an accurate reading, you should be in a quiet room and be of sound mind. This form of prediction is utterly reliant on a person’s psychic capabilities. One is expected to look outside the box so that he or she can understand the connotations of the various situations.

Enter your name and click on the tab to start your reading process. This should only take a few minutes of your time, usually about ten minutes. We hope you enjoy your reading and find it helpful. Please feel free to share it with your family and friends. And by the way, it is free to use.


If the statement is true, “We are what we eat,” then Fruit Astrology will give you the familiar details about a person. It will give you the particulars of their likes and dislikes, and information that can really guide you in the right direction especially if you are contemplating making a decision.

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In today’s world where the mother is busy with her career, the parent-child relationship can suffer. Get the Parent-Child Name Compatibility test to find out if the problems you are having are a direct result of the name he or she has.

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Moon Magick is a simple guideline for people practicing magic rituals based on lunar magic. It gives you different correspondences between the position of the moon and its effect on magic rituals. Dur

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The Karmic Lessons Number is considered to be a crucial feature in numerology. To get this particular number, it will need to be generated from a person's full name. You see, the alphabetic letter is broken down so it can be interpreted as a number. It is from that one determines the Karmic Lessons Number.

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Ramcharitmanas can help us to concentrate so you will need peace and quiet to get the most out of this reading. Additionally, if we live according to its principles, we have almost assured a stress-free life! How awesome is that? The quotes from Ram Charit Manas will enable us to lead a more productive and positive life.

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Itching Divination is an advanced analysis that helps anyone to understand the importance of itching or scratching. This system is actually based on the theory that any sudden urge to scratch or an itch can give you an inclination into someone’s life.

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