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Lo Shu

To calculate your Lo Shu reading, you only need to do a couple of things. The Lo Shu is an incredible and accurate Feng Shui method used to help analyze your destiny. It takes into account the five Chinese Elements of Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Fire.

Using the Lo Shu grid, you’ll find a grid that is a 3x3 mystical square in which the sum of three numbers would add up to become 15 all-around… diagonally, by row and by column. This is an ancient Chinese grid that shows a man’s interaction with the five elements. Each element has a number attached to it.

Find Out What's Your Lo Shu is

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Water – 1 Earth - 2, 5, & 8 Wood - 3 & 4 Metal - 6 & 7 Fire - 9

Additionally, you should have an unblemished depiction of what life has in stock for you as well as the missing elements. Using the arrangement of the date of birth in the magic square, the missing element and its effect on the person in question is discovered.

You see, each digit in a person’s born date is connected with a corresponding element and the missing factor is then brought to light. Of course, there are ways to offset the lack of elements for the particular person in question.

There are several remedial measures for the Missing Element in your birth chart. Let’s say for instance if the Earth element is missing, then you could use a square or rectangular wooden dining table to offset the difference.

At the same time, if the Wood element is missing, then keeping something such as wind chimes by your front door would help. There are numerous ways to balance things out. You can found out what they are using the Lo Shu reading. This online service is completely free, enlightening and very convenient. Try it today!


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