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Magickal Names

Some believe that the cosmic forces have a lot to do with a person’s present and future circumstances. The Magickal Name analysis should be used when a person needs to augment his or her life. Personal growth and the potential to improve your present situation could be in the hands of the planets and their positions.

This is one unique and interesting prediction tool. Get your Magickal Name if you want to make things better for you and your family. The analysis will calculate your Magickal Name and your Magickal Number. The reading is online so it’s available any time and it’s of no risk or obligation. Know what it means to have one and what attributes belong to a particular name.

Find Out What's Your Magickal Name is

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Magickal Name is a popular online calculator that people use to prepare for future situations. They want to know how the forces are influencing their nature. This program is effective, free of charge and really fast. All you need to do is enter the requested information and press the tab. It should only take a few seconds to generate your name and number. What’s in a name? Find out with Magickal Names.

Know when and how the cosmic forces are in your favor and how they impact your disposition. The forces could be on your side now you may not even know it. Not knowing could have negative effects. There are forces that affect our daily lives and you should know about them.

With the use of Magickal Names, you will gain more knowledge than you thought possible in a brief report. Don’t be left out again and miss the opportunity of a lifetime. The window is open for you only for a season. After you have received your valuable online report, tell your friends and family about it. It could be beneficial to your loved ones as well.


The Yes/No Oracle is based on principles that are different from other divination methods. It is used in conjunction with the capabilities of being clairvoyant or psychic. So it would seem that you need to be at your best when using the oracle.

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The Haumea Astrology analysis gives a person a chance to increase their awareness and it should provide an individual with the foresight to avoid certain situations.

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Moon Magick is a guideline that is simple to use and is mainly for those who practice magic rituals based on lunar magic. It provides you with the different positions of the moon the various effects that it has on particular rituals.

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The Zodiac Mothering Sign is supposed to define your individualities. It is based on the placement of Ceres in your birth chart. Ceres is an asteroid that is responsible for the nurturer in you. This sign describes how you foster people or develop relationships and what makes you feel that you are taken care of.

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The Planetary Archetype principles of astrology are that the planets have a basic association to specific model influences. These influences affect human nature and the planet’s ability to somehow unite a person’s character and undertakings to a physical being thus determining his or her behavior patterns.

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Unlike other Western Astrology principles, the Solar Zodiac Signs have 13 sun or star signs rather than the usual 12 in their astrological system. The extra sign in the Solar Zodiac is the Ophiuchus. The Solar Zodiac Astrology analysis is not as common as the other methods in Western or Vedic Astrology but it is just as effective.

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