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Mahjong Oracle

When you hear the name Mahjong, some of us may think of the matching tile game that was originally developed in China during the time of the Ming Dynasty. It was a board game that featured images on different tiles which is prevalent within the Asian communities.

Today, the Mahjong Oracle is used to predict the future or fortune for a certain day. It can also provide the user with answers to troubling situations or problems.

Find Out What's Your Mahjong Oracle is

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The various titles which are used in Mahjong are typically associated with a specific interpretation. Typically, there are 42 tiles in Mahjong but the different sets have a different number of tiles. Mainly, there are seven suits which consist of the Wan, Bamboo and Circle. They contain the numbers 1-9 on them.

Additionally, the Dragons (red, green and white), the Flowers (plum blossom, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo), and of course, the seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall) appear in the sets.

It is the intent of the Mahjong Oracle to help people find solutions to their problems through the interpretation of the oracle reading. To get the Mahjong Oracle reading, simply click on the tile image to begin the process. Your personal online reading should be available in a few moments.

The results of the reading should be in an easy format that makes it a breeze to comprehend. It makes problem-solving easy as pie. Having a tool such as the Mahjong Oracle is essential to making the right decisions at the right time.

You can use the calculator as many times as you would like. The best idea would be to share it with your friends, family and perhaps a few of your business associates. Everyone could use a second or third opinion when trying to decide on matters that have significance to their personal and professional lives.


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