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Mayan Animal Sign

The Mayan Calendar, Mayan Astrology and Mayan Animal Signs have been considered prevalent to Mayan civilization for a long time now. The Mayan Animal Signs are usually associated with your specific date of birth. Each of the animal signs is affiliated with your personality and characteristics. For over a thousand years now the Mayans have been using this method of astrology to interpret a person’s life path.

Mayan Animal: Significance

As we understand it to be, we are on a continuous cycle of beginnings and endings. Time is not linear or so they believe. This is actually the basis of their astrology system and is perhaps different from other methods used in astrology today.

Find Out What's Your Mayan Animal Sign is

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The Mayan people placed significance on their animals and thought of them as “Holy teachers.” They even associated the animals with the stars and constellations. When you think about the animal moon signs, you should know that it is there to help us understand life just a little bit better.

The Dzec or the Scorpion is one of the many animal moon signs just as the Moan (Owl), the Tzub, or the Rabbit and Aak which is also known as the Turtle or the Tortoise.

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