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Mayan Astrology Birth Chart

The Mayan Astrology Birth Chart is a major part of Mayan Astrology. It calculates your birth chart based on Mayan principles. You see, the various glyphs have a specific position of their own and this affects your life. Mayan Astrology has been around for over a thousand years now and the Mayan people were pretty far advanced than other civilizations. They understood that time was never-ending. It is one big circle or repeating the cycle. Another cycle begins as soon as one ends so there is no gap in-between time.

With this in mind, they made the Mayan Calendar. It has been useful in the interpretation of the astrological signs. The symbols are easily defined and anyone can benefit from a Mayan Astrology Birth Chart analysis. If you want, you can get yours today... free of charge. It's very simple to get one. Just enter in the requested information and click on the tab to submit it. That's all! The results should be shown to you in under a couple of minutes.

Find Out What's Your Mayan Astrology Birth Chart is

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The Mayan Birth Chart is very similar to Western Astrology's Natal Chart. However, it uses four points - north, south, east and west - to determine its birth chart calculations. There is extreme importance placed on the points in Mayan Astrology.

A glyph in the north position denotes a person's features for your date of birth. If it was in the south, then it relates to certain gifts a person may have. The names of the glyphs could be Yellow Seed, Red Earth, or Blue Hand so take note of them.

I hope the Mayan Astrology Birth Chart helps you. We want you to get the best of your life so we have provided you with some of the finest tools to work with. Enjoy your read and have a great day!


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