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Mayan Astrology Compatibility

If you didn’t know, Mayan Astrology is perhaps one of the most radical methods of astrology that remain prevalent today. The Mayan calendar uses 20 Day Signs and 13 Galactic Numbers therefore a 260-day calendar is comprised. There is not much to say what the Mayan astrology symbols mean but it is said that your Mayan Day sign is what gives new meaning to your personality.

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Find Out What's Your Mayan Astrology Compatibility is

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It seems to be a mystery as the actual meaning of the Mayan Astrology signs seems to be vague. The symbols are based on Mayan culture and are used to make predictions. However, when it comes to the signs, you may get a few different associations. In the Mayan Astrology Compatibility reading available to you online, you will get dates and descriptions based on those signs.

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The Day Signs

Furthermore, you will find your path and excel at meeting your goals. The Day signs are Blue Hand, Yellow Human, Red Dragon, Blue Night, White Wind, Red Moon, Red Skywalker, Blue Monkey, Yellow Seed, Red Serpent, White Dog, Yellow Star, Blue Eagle, Yellow Warrior, Yellow Sun, Blue Storm, White Mirror, Red Earth, White Wizard, and White Worldbridger.

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It is an ancient form of prediction based on a person’s date of birth. I am talking about Numerology. It dates back to the beginning of time. This divination tool is subject to calculate many aspects of your life and interpret them for you. It is used in your personal life as well as your professional life. Many people and celebrities count on it to make very important decisions in their life.

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The Goddess Oracle reading is an analysis that will interpret an analysis that is designed for you on a daily basis. If you need to have peace of mind, then the Goddess Oracle reading is for you. If you need to resolve some issues that need immediate answers, then you need to get a reading done today.

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Food Astrology will help you to recognize a particular zodiac sign by the foods he or she eats. Get the Food Astrology reading so that you can compare it with your likes and dislikes.

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Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards Divination gives you a clear and accurate knowledge of your past, present and future. The pictures on the Lenormand tarot deck of cards convey a deep insight into your

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Numerology is pretty common nowadays but has been in existence for a long time now. Basically from the beginning of time, people have believed that numbers affect us from the time of birth. There are 360 Sabian Symbols that are associated with the zodiac houses and sun signs.

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The reading is based on planetary positions and your date of birth. The nature of a person is described in this reading and also the name of the Roman god. You will find that Roman Astrology is just a little different from Western Astrology as the gods represent the human form in different combinations.

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