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Mayan Astrology Compatibility

If you didn’t know, Mayan Astrology is perhaps one of the most radical methods of astrology that remain prevalent today. The Mayan calendar uses 20 Day Signs and 13 Galactic Numbers therefore a 260-day calendar is comprised. There is not much to say what the Mayan astrology symbols mean but it is said that your Mayan Day sign is what gives new meaning to your personality.

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Find Out What's Your Mayan Astrology Compatibility is

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It seems to be a mystery as the actual meaning of the Mayan Astrology signs seems to be vague. The symbols are based on Mayan culture and are used to make predictions. However, when it comes to the signs, you may get a few different associations. In the Mayan Astrology Compatibility reading available to you online, you will get dates and descriptions based on those signs.

See how compatible you and your mate actually are. You will have the ability to go deeper than what your lover is telling you. See beyond the surface with the Mayan Zodiac Compatibility Calculator.

The Day Signs

Furthermore, you will find your path and excel at meeting your goals. The Day signs are Blue Hand, Yellow Human, Red Dragon, Blue Night, White Wind, Red Moon, Red Skywalker, Blue Monkey, Yellow Seed, Red Serpent, White Dog, Yellow Star, Blue Eagle, Yellow Warrior, Yellow Sun, Blue Storm, White Mirror, Red Earth, White Wizard, and White Worldbridger.

Get your free report to find out if you are compatible with your mate. This is certainly an interesting form of astrology. Have fun with it… learn from it and grow with it. Tell your friends and family about it. The results are fast and most accurate. Well, enjoy your reading and take care!


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