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Mayan Astrology Tarot

The Mayan Astrology Tarot is an interesting divination tool that uses Mayan Astrology glyphs. The Mayan Tarot reading entails glyphs which are placed north, south, east and west and the birth glyph is placed in the middle or center.

You see, the four different positions are significant in generating an accurate reading. Mayan Astrology came to be known through a population of people who needed a boost of self-confidence or needed guidance in which to handle a certain situation. This reading can help you.

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Now, the tarot has been prevalent for centuries as people are always in need of a second opinion that is logical and clear cut. Additionally, readers use it as a means of touching base with the spiritual world. The cards are associated with astrological signs, characters of the alphabet and to the elements.

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Therefore, the Mayans incorporated the use of glyphs into tarot card reading and they believed that time was a series of repeats. In fact, it was a never ending cycle. When one cycle closes, another one opens simultaneously so it can basically go unnoticed. A person can find their path using Mayan Astrology Tarot.

Let me explain the importance of the glyph positions in Mayan Astrology Tarot. The Occult denotes that you have a particular supernatural gift. This is placed in the south position. The Alley describes the common features of your personality and is placed in the east. The Birth is place in the north and it signifies the importance of your date of birth.

The Challenge is when we are in certain situations that require us to conjure up courage and this is placed in the west. The Guide is what impacts our decisions or actions and this is placed in the north. Red Moon, Yellow Human, White Wizard and Blue Eagle are just a few of the different glyphs. Get to know all about these things and more when you get your Mayan Astrology Tarot reading.


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