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Mayan Numerology

Mayan Numerology has been around for ages… over a thousand years ago. The Ancient Mayan civilization did things differently from other cultures. They had their own way of interpretation and believed that time was not in fact linear. It is a cycle that repeats. It really never ends as another begins at the end of the current cycle.

The development of Mayan Numerology dates back to ancient times. The Mayan principles are used when generating your personalized report. All we need is your name and date of birth and your Day Number should be provided for you. Based on the Mayan Calendar, you will receive interpretations of the Mayan Calendar symbols that are used to find one’s path. The symbols are said to be universal.

Find Out What's Your Mayan Numerology is

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Anyone can get this online reading and it’s free to try. Other sites may want to charge a fee, but we are offering this to you at no charge. Just enter the required information. It doesn’t take long to get the results of your reading, either.

Greatness Of Mayan Numerology

The Mayan Numerology system was thought to be greater than other divination tools. It certainly is different as it uses dots and bars to count. Take the number 0 for example. It was also used in their counting method. Each number was given a name and specific features and referred to the numbers as tones.

The thirteen tones are called magnetic, lunar, electric, overtone, crystal, resonant, solar, cosmic, rhythmic, self-existing, planetary, galactic, and spectral.

A Mayan Numerology reading is a great way to get insight into another person. Have a better understanding of your parents, siblings, neighbor and even your partner. Get your reading today. Again, it’s of no charge to you and certainly, you can refer it to someone else. This online reading is available to you at any time… day or night. So don’t delay… get your reading today!


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