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Mole Reading

If done right, reading moles can tell you a lot about a person…their character, and their personality. More so, it also can predict what kind of future this person would likely have. Know the positions and what they and other marks on your body may mean. Moleosophy or the study of moles can help you recognize moles, what they mean and also what the other marks or images on the different body parts mean.

This methodology has been passed on for thousands of years as it was originally developed by the primeval Greeks. Aren’t you just a little bit interested? I know you are so go ahead and try it today. It cost you nothing but a few seconds of your time. Do a Mole Meaning for yourself and then another for your friends. It’ll be fun to do at the next family reunion or family gathering.Invalid Token. Please authorize yourself by sending Valid API Token

To get the best reading possible, one should take into account of the color, location, size and shape of the mark or mole. However, you should see a physician if you suspect a mole has changed color or it has grown in size. I’ve always wondered about people with a mole just above their lips on the right side of their face. Now, we all have the ability to find out what it means and how will it affects us.

The prediction is free and based on your mole or beauty mark so this is not a generalized calculation but rather it is personal. The placement of your mole is no accident. They are the keys to your power, distinction and riches. Let the experts explain why you have two moles side by side or that cute little mole on your big toe.

This form of prediction is easy to use. Just type in your details such as your name, size of mole, color, location and shape of your mole and you should receive an accurate and detailed report discovering new meanings to people’s character.


The Mahjong Oracle is used to predict the future or fortune for a certain day. It can also provide the user with answers to troubling situations or problems. The various titles which are used in Mahjong are typically associated with a specific interpretation. Typically, there are 42 tiles in Mahjong but the different sets have a different number of tiles. Mainly, there are seven suits which consist of the Wan, Bamboo and Circle. They contain the numbers 1-9 on them.

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Chakra is the wheel that controls the flow of energy that radiates through our bodies. It is extremely important that all of the Chakras are active and balanced. This is the most desired state but Chakras can either be too active or not active enough.

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The Lenormand Oracle is a mystical practice that is based on a person’s name and date of birth. You get to choose a particular kind of spread to help you solve what may seem like impossible situations.

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The Zodiac Energy Sign describes a person’s characteristics based on the placement of Vesta in your birth chart. Vesta is an asteroid that describes our sexual appetite or sex drive. Additionally, it provides insight into the areas in which we need to focus on to make better or attitudes that we should put away.

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Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards Divination gives you a clear and accurate knowledge of your past, present and future. The pictures on the Lenormand tarot deck of cards convey a deep insight into your

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A Coffee Cup reading is a divination tool similar to Tasseography or Tea Leaf Reading but it is done with coffee grounds instead of tea leaves. It has proved to be an effective way to predict the future with accuracy and precision. Based on the art of reading coffee grounds, it is actually used by many to predict fame and fortune.

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