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Moon Magick

Moon Magick is a guideline that is simple to use and is mainly for those who practice magic rituals based on lunar magic. It provides you with the different positions of the moon the various effects that it has on particular rituals. When the moon appears to be bright and full, you can say that the sun and moon are positioned on opposite sides of the earth. This is called, of course, a full moon.

When the moon falls between the earth and the sun, we call it a dark moon day. Between a full moon and a dark moon, the surface of the moon will appear to grow or wax and then it wanes or decreases to form the next phase or a new moon. This is how we get the different effects of the moon as it continues to change.

Find Out What's Your Moon Magick is

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Moon Magick: Energy And Forces

The moon is exceptionally important when performing rituals. It is commonly used in Wiccan or occult practices and is important to pagan beliefs.

The energy provided from the moon is said to emphasize the Moon Magick. The waxing of the moon is described as a good time for new beginnings while the waning is for removing negative energy and forces. Moon Magick encompasses Zodiacal Moon Magick, Moon Phase, Magick correspondence and Elemental Moon Magick.

You can even get the day when a moon phase will change and know its mystical or supernatural properties. The Moon Magick application is simple to use, however. It doesn’t cost you anything to try. Getting the results doesn’t take long – only a few moments out of your day. In addition, the interpretation is easy to read and to understand.

Moon Magick is another great tool added for your online convenience. It is certainly enlightening and thought-provoking reading. Try it out today and don’t forget to share with your friends who may be interested in learning Moon Magick.


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