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Moon Phases

Moon phases are determined by the position of the earth with regard to the sun and to the moon. Normally, it takes 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes for the moon to revolve around the earth. Did you know that? It passes through its various phases on different days.

Getting an accurate Moon Phase calculation is dependent on the position of the sun, moon and earth. Did you know that the moon reflects the light of the sun? Well, except for when half of the moon is experiencing an eclipse.

Find Out What's Your Moon Phase is

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Moon Phases: Eclipse

During its trip around the earth, the sun and the moon are sometimes positioned on opposite sides of the earth. When this happens, the moon is bright and perfectly round in shape. We call this a full moon. When the moon falls in between the earth and the sun, we call this a dark moon.

When the moon is neither full nor dark, then it is said to be waxing or waning. In other words, it seems to grow or shrink before the next new moon and this is how we come to know the phases of the moon.

The Moon Phases are important to some occult specialists to perform certain rituals. It is said that the moon holds certain powers or vibes that are meaningful to religious ceremonies. Festivals are held in accordance with the moon phases. You can note these changes in the Lunar Calendar. If you have a need to know when the next full moon will come, then get the Moon Phases generated for you.

You can do that here for free. This online program is designed for the average reader or user. It’s simple to understand the terminology of the calculation. All you have to do is enter a date in question, click the tab to get the Moon Phase and shortly thereafter, you should be redirected so you will be able to review the different Moon Phases.


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