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Native American Astrology Zodiac Signs

Do you know what your Native American Astrology Zodiac Sign is? How about your animal symbols? You can find out in just a few moments if you want to but first, let me tell you about Native American Astrology. It was initiated some five thousand years ago as the Native Americans developed a philosophy that allowed a person to receive the important benefits from biorhythms.

This started a following and has remained prevalent in the world of astrology along with the Mesoamerican Calendar. The Mesoamerican Calendar was made with the intent that it would help to bind harmony with nature and life.

Find Out What's Your Native American Astrology is

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Native American Methods

The Native Americans used Earth Astrology as a basis for their astrology methods. As in most other systems, there are twelve zodiac signs but in this form of astrology, they are represented by a specific animal.

These animals are thought to have the ability to teach us valuable life lessons. The animals and the Natives were very close as they held that all living things had significance.

Find out what Native American Zodiac Sign belongs to you and get a comprehensive interpretation of your sign today. You'll learn about some of your personality traits both good and bad. Additionally, you will want to know what your lucky tree and stone is. You get so much more including your lucky color and time!

You don't have to stop at your sign only. Get reading for your friends and family as well. This calculator is free to use and is available to your 24 hours a day.

The Hawk, Wolf, Salmon, Bear and Snake are just a few of the animal zodiac names. Find them all in the Native American Astrology report. It won't take long to get the results. Just enter the required information and hit the tab key. That's all. Enjoy your reading!


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